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Streamline existing conditions 

Access more than 800+ data sets of demographic and socioeconomic data. View this data at census reported boundaries, neighborhoods, and city council districts. Or, simple create an instant report in one click or less using the mySidewalk Template Library. 

  • Data Included
  • Boundaries Included
  • Project Templates

Identify specific conditions

Upload and visualize your own data like transit lines, 311 activity, crime, bus stops, and project specific boundaries. Dive even deeper using percentile filtering, correlations, and charts. 

  • Data Points Mapped
  • Data Apportioned to Unique Project Areas
  • Data Mapped
  • Data Charted & Graphed

Compare communities

Benchmark your project area against near or like places using mySidewalk's powerful Location Snapshot.  See data for your city stacked against others to make fast and easy comparisons. When you're done, generate a report and share your findings. 


Tell a data-driven story 

Improve communication within your organization and among stakeholders by sharing interactive maps with annotations. Use this information to inform your online engagement strategy and build a Public Profile to collect community feedback. 

  • Sharable, Embeddable, and Annotative Maps
  • Customizable Project Site for Feedback
  • Downloadable Data (CSV) & Images (PNG, SVG)