MindMixer is now mySidewalk

MindMixer provided a convenient way for civic decision makers to engage with their residents.  Over 2,000 organizations gathered essential stakeholder feedback through MindMixer. Yet, we recognized that these organizations needed more accessible data, beyond feedback. Choices and decisions needed to be backed by supplemental, authoritative data.

Thus we created mySidewalk, a tool for accessing preloaded data, uploading data, analysis, and sharing. mySidewalk still allows you to collect feedback from stakeholders. But now, you can create a more informed conversation supported by powerful analytics.

Here are some highlights of our improved communication capabilities:


Shareable, Embeddable, Annotative Maps

With mySidewalk, you don't need to be a GIS expert to map data. In a few simple clicks, create maps using preloaded data and your own To highlight areas of interest and tell a stronger story, add map annotations. These annotations can contain images, descriptions, questions, and polls.

When you're all done, embed the maps on your website or share with a hyperlink


Customizable Project Site

If you need to create a central location for your project (without IT help) we've got you covered! Create project sites where you can post open-ended questions, polls, announcements, files, and maps. 


Download Feedback

Easily export responses received from your open-ended questions or polls. Download responses from your map annotations. This export also includes full names and email addresses