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mySidewalk is a data tool built to help anyone easily approach, understand, and use data.

By combining local data with other nationally available datasets, it becomes much easier to uncover impactful and specific insights. mySidewalk is helping 180 organizations across the country access the right "data recipes" to make more data-driven, actionable decisions. We're also helping them share everything in a way stakeholders can understand. 

Send us your information and we'll set up a time to highlight a few insights about your local community using mySidewalk. 

During our time together, we'll discuss:

  • Percentile Rankings: How does your community stack up nationally? 
  • Comparisons: How do peer cities compare to yours?
  • Solutions for data access, analysis, and transparency 

We promise that the call will be focused on your work and we're confident that at the end we'll be able to offer a solution for helping you use data ASAP.



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