The mySidewalk Story

We've spent five years helping more than 2,000 organizations understand and make the best decisions on behalf of their communities. Data provides important clarity about the relationship between people and place. Everyone wants to make better decisions, and, with a powerfully simple tool like mySidewalk, data can help them do that.

Simply said: We believe data should be easy to access, understand, and share. 


We use data for good

Great places are built by great decision-makers. As people who plan, manage, and shape the communities we live in, where those decisions come from, and what they’re made of, matters. Think of public data like a building material–the quality of information used to make a decision is reflected in how that decision affects quality of life.

We’re solving tough problems

Confidence you’ve made right decisions comes from knowing you have the right information. We live (and thrive) at the intersection of community and technology. Located in heart of downtown Kansas City, our company culture includes early mornings, lots of coffee, and a passion for making data analysis easy. Our goal? We want to simplify the way you answer questions using data.

We’re on a mission to change the world

A tall order, but we’re in the habit of setting (and meeting) big goals. Coming from a mix of experiences and backgrounds, our team is grounded in bettering the work we are doing, ourselves, and the communities we are a part of.
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