Make informed decisions with data

mySidewalk has helped more than 2,000 organizations understand their communities by empowering them to make better decisions using simple data analysis tools to answer questions like “How has this place changed over the past decade?” and “What is the demographic makeup of my project area?”


Visualize Data 

With more than 600 sets of readily available data visible as maps and charts–combined with the ability to upload your own information–mySidewalk makes data easy to digest from the state level all the way down to individual census block groups.


Save Time

Your days spent hunting down data are over. We do all the heavy lifting, including data collection, regular maintenance, and providing reliable source citations. The end result? You have all the information needed to confidently support your projects and make stronger, more informed decisions.


Find Answers

Our Template Library offers shortcuts to commonly sought after answers. In one click, apply data-infused recipes to any project area for quick, actionable insight on existing conditions reports, comprehensive plans, and community comparisons. If you can’t find a pre-made template that suits your needs, simply create your own.


Share insight

Improve communication within your organization and among stakeholders by sharing one or all of mySidewalk’s user-friendly outputs like interactive shareable maps, downloadable charts and graphs, or (the always classic choice) exportable .csv files.

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